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At DHCT we try to support local services and charities. Currently we are sponsoring:


Portreath Surf Life Saving | Surf Boat Rowing Club

Dynamo Healthcare Training sponsors the Portreath Surf Life Saving Surf Boat Rowing Club.

Surf Life Saving

Carn Brea Leisure Centre

Carn Brea Leisure Centre Trust is a vibrant leisure centre in the heart of West Cornwall, and is run as an independent Charitable Trust


Children in Need 2017

Dynamo Healthcare Training Academy, Healthcare Cadets supporting Children in Need 2017 posing in Pudsey outfits to support Children in Need.

children in need

Invictus Trust

invcitus does strictly


The Invictus Trust is a small charity in Cornwall which aims to support and offer services to local teenagers who are suffering from poor mental health and associated issues.  Please view information here.

Our amazing Cadet Programme Tutor, Kaliea Love, took part in this years Invictus does ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ to raise funds for the Trust that provides fantastic services to support young people with Mental Health concerns and associated issues.

Kaliea smashed her set target of £250 by raising over £900 and this combined with her dance partners total they raised over £1600 with all funds raised being spent on raising awareness and campaigning for young people’s mental health. All those involved collectively raised £17000 for the Trust which is an amazing result.

Dynamo is so proud of Kaliea and we were happy to sponsor her and donate to the Trust who do a brilliant job supporting amazing young people to live happier lives.

Well Done Kaliea.

strictly 2017 2

Read Kaliea Love's Story about why she supports the Invictus Trust

strictly 6

Kaliea explains why she took part in the Strictly Come Dancing Invictus Trust event:

My own child who from the age of 13 experienced complex mental health difficulties is the main reason alongside the vast many other young people who experience mental health issues. At one point during this experience the various medical teams/specialists had recommended that my child be removed to a service that was out of county where treatment and care would be given as they could not meet the needs here at home. We did not want this to happen!

‘I’m fine’ became the only comment we would hear from our child as parents. I’m fine turned into ‘leave me alone’ and things got progressively worse. I could write about the situations we found ourselves in but it was the feelings we experienced as a family, there are too many! However, ‘consternation’ sums it up to a certain degree; especially as we could be facing our child being so far away from home. As a family we fought hard for our child’s life and to keep our child at home-which in our view was the best place for care, recovery, support and most importantly our love. We fought our way through it, we did not give up and hand over our child to be taken away and please believe me when I say that it tested our own mental health! Our child remained with us.

Four years later I am happy to say that our young adult is well on the road to recovery!

It was at this point that my young adult showed me a poem that was written just 18 months ago, I have to point out that this is the first time I have seen this! Here is the last section, which I think sums up the importance of fighting for young people’s mental health.

So many clouds here, I’ve learnt to love the rain…but now I need the sun to guide me home again. Mum don’t forget how I used to be the pride you felt inside, such hope you had for me”.

“This journey is ending now and it is time to say-I’m coming home now it’s where I want to be”.

The point here is to never give up on someone with mental illness. When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘we’ it becomes wellness.

We asked Kaliea how she feels it went “I loved every minute of it! I am so proud of my partner Dave, our raised amount and our score as neither of us have ballroom experience. I am gutted that it is over however, Dave and I are taking up ballroom lessons in January 2018! We won an award for our choreography- So we will keep dancing!  I met an amazing bunch of people and collectively we raised over £17000!  I am delighted with the news of the opening of the unit at Bodmin and the huge benefits that it will bring to our young people and families of Cornwall”

“I would like to thank everyone that sponsored me for this event especially my Dynamo Healthcare team and Aztec IT as they helped me reach my target with their donations. I would like to thank all of my friends and family for their donations and support. A special thank you to my colleagues and students who I know I have driven crazy with my sudden bursts of learnt steps, whistling of the strictly theme tune and who came to watch me perform”. Last but not least a huge thank you to my dance partner Dave Oakes who developed a love for strictly, put up with my assertive character, immense amounts of giggling, who always did his homework and did an amazing job as my partner!”

Find out about the Invictus Trust and how they support young people with mental health concerns

2018 Shoe Box Appeal

This November at Dynamo we will be collecting items such as hats, scarves, thermals, gloves, jumpers, shower gel, shampoo, roll-on deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, baby wipes, sanitary towels etc. We will then be making up shoe boxes full of goodies to put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas!

If you would like to help donate then please bring something in!

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