Senior Medical Reception

                                     Customer Services 

Dynamo is a specialist healthcare training company that has extensive experiences recruiting and training Patient/Customer Services staff.  Our Apprenticeships are tailored to meet the role requirements and employer needs.

Senior Medical Receptionist/Customer Services Specialist Level 3

This Apprenticeship is for senior Patient/Customer Services staff within any organisation.

In order to meet the apprenticeship standard apprentices will be required to achieve a:

  • Understand the Business Environment and Continuous Improvement
  • Understanding the Patient/Customer Journey
  • Understanding Patient/Customer Loyalty, Retention and Satisfaction
  • Understanding Personal Effectiveness in a Work Environment
  • Understand Effective Team Working
  • Understand how to support Challenging Patient/Customers
  • Minimum of  Level 2 English & Maths

Duration: 12 months to complete

Cost: Non Levy Employers pay a Contribution of 5% which is £200.  The Government will fund 95% please view our funding page for further information

For more information on funding please view.

Grant: If the learner is aged 16-18 the employer will receive a grant of £1000

Learners must undertake an End Point Assessment prior to successful completion of their standard. This will include:

  • Practical observation with Q&As.
  • Professional discussion supported by portfolio evidence.
  • Work based project, supported by an interview.

Delivery: Blended learning through one to one support with an occupationally competent tutor/assessor through our virtual learning environment and remote delivery model.

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I love working at the surgery and have learnt so much. I couldn’t be happier to win this award, its brilliant. Dynamo's support has been excellent
Jessica Woodds
Winner Apprenticeship Awards Senior Medical receptionist
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