Developing Cornwall’s Healthcare Workforce for the Future



Dynamo Healthcare Training, through the use of the Flourish project, aims to promote a positive attitude towards ongoing learning, personal growth and development. Dynamo Healthcare Training provides participants with personalised information, advice and guidance to help them overcome any barriers that may prevent them from progressing in their career leading to better paid jobs. By offering participants the chance to develop their existing knowledge and skills by undertaking higher level qualifications, taking up apprenticeship opportunities, or completing additional skills training, Flourish will give the participants the skills, knowledge and qualifications to move towards more sustainable employment, with less reliance on benefits.

Available Courses

  • Mental Health & Stress Management
  • Aspiring Care Leaders
  • Care Framework Certificate Knowledge
  • Study Skills
  • Infection Prevention & Control

And more!

  • Customer Service
  • Business Administration
  • Team Leader
  • Management
  • Clinical Health Skills
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