Developing Cornwall’s Healthcare Workforce for the Future

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Employer academy flyer

Dynamo Healthcare Training Academy is for 16-18 year olds in Cornwall, to support them to commence careers in healthcare.  The aims of the Academy are also to support employers to recruit, train and retain a high quality workforce.

Academy Aims

Our Aims are to:

  • To support young people in Cornwall to commence careers in Healthcare through Apprenticeships.
  • To train young people for specific jobs as:
  • Clinical Healthcare Assistants
  • Medical Receptionists
  • Care Assistants/support workers specialising in Dementia care and Learning Disabilities.
  • Support employers with recruitment, training and workforce development.
  • Support employers through tailored training and recruitment programmes.
  • Raise the profile of health and social care as real career options for young people.
  • Work with employers to ensure the curriculum is fit for purpose for specific jobs.
  • To deliver the highest quality provision to the sectors
  • To Work in partnership with local Colleges and training provider networks to support the development of Cornwall’s Healthcare Workforce of the Future
Benefits to an employer

We have developed the Academy to support employers with recruitment, retention and workforce development.  The benefits to employers include:

  • Individuals recruited and trained for specialist roles.
  • Support with recruitment and retention of staff
  • Involvement in curriculum development
  • Support with workforce development
  • Continual information, advice and guidance
  • Support for young people in Cornwall to develop exciting roles and career choices in healthcare

We support GP practices/Hospitals and Social care Services including the Domiciliary Care Sector in Cornwall due to increase demand for staffing.  Our young people will undertake a 2 stage training programme, which will include:

Healthcare Cadetship – 9 month’s class room teaching foundation knowledge of health and social care.

Healthcare Apprenticeship – 12 month’s paid apprenticeship training programme with an employer.

Please view our Academy presentations and apprenticeship videos below.

GP practices in Cornwall

Dynamo Healthcare Training is the provider of choice for many GP practices in Cornwall.  We work extensively with GP practices recruiting and training Apprentices for HCA’s, Medical Receptionists and Administrators.

We are keen for any GP practices who would like to be involved in the Academy to get in touch.

Please contact us for further information.

Social Care Services in Cornwall

Dynamo Healthcare Training works extensively with social care employers in Cornwall supporting recruitment and training of the workforce.  

We are keen to meet with any employers who would like to support our curriculum development to ensure the course is fit for purpose and who would like to discuss trainees and apprentices for your organisation.

Please contact us to discuss.

How can employers get involved?

  • Offering work experience placements for healthcare cadets
  • Offering a 12 month paid apprenticeship for our graduating Cadets
  • Offering volunteering placements
  • Employer workshops and information sessions
  • Support us with curriculum development

We are keen on hearing from employers who are interested in providing work placements for Apprenticeship opportunities.

We are also keen on hearing from Employers or Employer forums who are interested in supporting us to develop the Curriculum for our students to ensure the training is fit for purpose for the sector and roles they will be entering.

If you would like further information please contact us

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