World Habitat Day!

What is your natural habitat? For 50% of the global population, it is a city. This world habitat day the focus is on the role the urban areas play in recovery after crisis. World Habitat Day launches Urban October – a month of activities, events and discussions on urban sustainability that ends with World Cities Day on 31 October.  

What does that mean for us here at Dynamo? We are reviewing our impact with particular focus on waste and energy. We are also improving our impact on the local urban environment and supporting two ecological charities who are improving and rehabilitating the natural environment here in Cornwall check out what plant one and Ecologi are doing to rejuvenate local habitats. In the office we are going to be joining Plantober you can follow our seedlings as we start the journey to supporting our local woodlands.  

While government leadership is important, we must all take individual responsibility what can we do to improve our own habitats or support the survival of others. Here in Cornwall, there are several projects that you can have your say in or get involved with. Contributing your opinion helps improve habitats for your own as well as others benefit Let’s Talk Cornwall. Joining a local sustainable action group to improve your local environment, local litter picks or urban allotments. But perhaps most importantly thinking about what you’re buying, what will happen to it once you’re finished with it. (The circular economy).  

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