Dynamo celebrates International Charity Day!

Today, the 5th of September is International Charity Day. Did you know that today was created in memory of Mother Teresa? Mother Teresa was declared a Saint in 2016 for all her vigorous efforts to overcome poverty and help the suffering of the poorest people in the world.  

International Charity Day’s main aim is to strengthen and expand social responsibility among all people, foster unity and boost public support for charitable causes.  

At DHCT we contribute to charity by donating monthly to our local food bank to help support our local community in our ongoing cost of living crisis. Around Christmas time, every year we take part in Operation Christmas Child campaign for Samaritans Purse. Operation Christmas child began in Wrexham in 1990 when a couple decided to start a campaign to give shoeboxes filled with toys to children in the toughest of circumstances. Following a radio appeal, the community gathered over 3000 shoeboxes for those in need. Since 1990, more than 178 million children in more than 150 countries have received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox! Last year, our team all clubbed together, and we raised over £100 to buy toys. After a quick shopping trip, we laid out all the shoeboxes on the floor and filled them with mini cars, bouncy balls, bubbles, books, pens, stickers, and more treats! Every box also included a handwritten Christmas card from Dynamo. After filling all the boxes, we realized we had over 45 to donate, more than ever before! We are looking forward to taking part in this campaign again this year. We also take part in Cornwall Christmas Foodbank Campaign for CPR foodbank. Last year we were able to fill 5 food boxes for those that were in need. These boxes contained all the goodies of a Christmas dinner and included some yummy festive treats. This helped people over Cornwall who were struggling at this time of year. Christmas can be financially straining for some families and households, especially during the cost-of-living crisis. The team at DHCT hope that the boxes take some of the pressure off those in need this Christmas. 

Why should you give to charity? Even while we prefer to think that we can make a difference on our own, there are times when working together is more effective. Unlike us as individuals, charities are able to use the funds received to directly assist those in need on a far greater scale because of the way they are set up. 

Ways you can help give to charity:

  • Donating old clothes, you no longer wear to local charity shops 
  • Donating blood 
  • Volunteer work at care homes, homeless shelters, dog shelters, animal shelters 
  • Charity runs 
  • Charity raffles + many more ways!