Levy Transfers have reopened!

RCHT have recently announced that the Apprenticeship Levy transfer facility will be reopened to all employers who want to use their levy funds to support apprenticeships in other organisations. This means that non-levy paying employers can now receive funds from levy-paying employers to support the cost of training apprentices.

This is great news for non-levy paying employers who may have been hesitant to invest in apprenticeships due to the cost. By partnering with levy-paying employers who have unused funds, non-levy businesses can now offer apprenticeships to their employees and benefit from the advantages of having a skilled workforce.

Dynamo Healthcare Training can support you to access these funds, and give your team free apprenticeship training. 

There are numerous benefits to apprenticeships, such as increased productivity, better staff retention, and improved staff morale. By offering apprenticeships, businesses can help bridge the skills gap in their industry and provide their employees with valuable training and development opportunities.

Employers who receive levy transfers can use the funds to cover the cost of apprenticeship training and assessment, as well as the apprentice’s wages. This means that businesses can invest in their employees’ future without incurring additional costs.

Overall, the reopening of levy transfers is a great opportunity for non-levy paying businesses to invest in apprenticeships and improve the skills and productivity of their workforce. By partnering with levy-paying employers, businesses can benefit from the advantages of having a skilled workforce without incurring additional costs.

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