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Determined Academy Learner Achieves Lifelong Dream!

One of our previous academy learners has achieved one of her dreams, of starting university studying Adult Nursing.

Tegan joined the academy in 2018 after leaving sixth form and studied a Level 2 Health and Social Care qualification with us. Tegan told us that she loved the academy and enjoyed the consistent tutor support that she received.

When Tegan joined the academy, she had always wanted to be a midwife, and thought that a health and social care pathway at Dynamo would help her to achieve this role. Tegan said that she struggled with confidence and found the small, close-knit environment that the academy provided extremely beneficial in building her confidence.

“The support that Dynamo provided me at my time at the academy allowed me to build on my confidence and realise that I could do so much more than I previously thought, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the amazing tutor support.”

Since leaving the academy, Tegan progressed on to become a carer in a local residential care home and following this worked as part of the night staff in a nursing home. Having built her confidence over the years, Tegan decided to take the plunge and apply for an Access to Midwifery course at Plymouth University, and they were so impressed with her application that they offered her a place on their Adult Nursing course!

Tegan says that she plans on completing the course at the University and depending on what she learns, possibly doing an extra year afterwards in order to gain her midwifery qualifications.

Director of Dynamo Gail says “Well Done Tegan, we are so proud of you at here at Dynamo and you have done extremely well. We all look forward to hearing how university goes and your future plans!’