World Ocean Day 2022!

Yesterday was #WorldOceansDay2022, where we celebrate the beauty of the sea, and raise awareness for the threats that it is facing. 🌎
DHCT is based in Hayle, Cornwall, just a five minute walk from the beach! We are so lucky to live close to such incredible sights.
Global Warming is a huge threat to our oceans, and with the rising temperatures across the globe, sea levels are rising rapidly. Cornwall Climate says that around 28,000 properties in Cornwall are already at potential risk from either surface water flooding, storm surges or coastal erosion! (
What you can do to help?
1) Support sustainability projects. Dynamo Healthcare Training, with Ecologi, are ‘Climate Positive’, which means we offset 100% of the CO2 that we put into the atmosphere, with sustainability projects across the globe.
2) Promote the cause. Raising awareness of Climate Change, specifically how it will be effect YOUR local area, will help to make a change. The more people that support sustainability projects, the bigger impact we can make.
3) Look after your oceans. When visiting local beauty spots, make sure to clear up after yourself and pick up rubbish. If you see rubbish left, pick some up and dispose of it safely.
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