Amazing EPA Results for Apprenticeship Learner!

Hannah, an apprenticeship learner who has recently completed her Level 2 Adult Care course has achieved an amazing result in her EPA.

When Hannah started the qualification, she found the work challenging, but she was excited to learn. Starting the course as the pandemic began, Hannah faced challenges as she had little experience in the Healthcare sector. She grew her knowledge through remote teams call with her assessor Carol, and quickly her confidence grew.

Hannah says “It is amazing how much I’ve actually learnt. Completing this apprenticeship, from having little experience of care has taught me how to cope with certain situations. 2 years ago, I was unsure of what to do, whereas now I can approach my tasks with confidence. “

Hannah says that she has built on her skills with practice, and the course has given her a massive confidence boost in her role.

Hannah says “There are 6 C’s in Care, but there should be a 7th: Confidence. My learning through my apprenticeship has given me the confidence that you need to work in care. “

“Now that I am confident in my role, my clients trust that I can support them effectively.”

Hannah is particularly proud of herself for training someone who was completing work experience at her work, who has not gained a summer job there.

Well done Hannah! Your dedication and hard work throughout the pandemic should be an inspiration to us all.

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