Climate Positive Workforce

What Is Our Biggest Weapon Against Climate Change? Trees.

Climate Positive Workforce since 2021

8 Months ago, we began our journey on becoming a more sustainable, Eco friendly business.

Dynamo is a healthcare training company; however, we can still do our part in protecting our planet we call home.

Since then, we have:

  • Helped plant over 1,540 trees and counting
  • Supported 11 projects overseas. These include, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Chile, Zambia and Ghana
  • Offset over 115 Tonnes of Co2 from entering the atmosphere

That’s the same amount of carbon eleven households would generate in almost 2 years!

We are a value-based company, our core purpose is to help and serve.

Whether that’s people, the environment or businesses, it matters to us and has our undivided attention.

At Dynamo we believe that a bright future for anyone is possible but also for the planet.

Climate Positive Workforce


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