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Cervical Cancer Awareness Week

Did you know, one in three women don’t attend cervical screenings?

This Cervical Cancer week we are raising awareness of ways we can help to prevent cervical cancer:

  • Ensure that you attend Cervical Screening when invited – this can help to identify cells that are changing and could become dangerous.
  • Take up the HPV vaccine if you or your children are offered it. – NHS Studies show that the vaccine protects against HPV infection for at least ten years, although experts expect protection to last for much longer.
  • Know the symptoms of Cervical Cancer – Symptoms can include unusual menstrual bleeding, changes to vaginal discharge, pain during sex and pain in your lower back, between your hip bones or in your lower tummy.

According to Cancer Research UK, 99.8% of Cervical Cancer cases are preventable. Join us this week to raise awareness of how we can prevent deaths of Cervical Cancer.