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 Dynamo Healthcare offers free online training to support you and your staff, including Mental Health and Personal Resilience training. 

Did you know 89% of workers with mental health problems in the UK report an impact of their working life?

This is a crisis, and many employers find themselves lost when it comes to supporting their team. We are offering FREE ONLINE COURSES with a variety of modules to support your business!

These courses are delivered on our ESkills platform and can be completed in your own time.

The Bundles we offer are:

Mental Health and Stress Management Bundle:

  • Understand yourself and raising Self Awareness
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Mental Health and Personal Resilience

Business Administration Bundle:

  • Principles of Communication and Relationship Management
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Understanding your Employer and Organisation
  • Understanding Personal effectiveness in an administrative work environment

Management Bundle:

  • Principles of Management and Leadership
  • Strategic Business Management and Planning
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Quality Management in an Organisation
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Principles of Managing People
  • Principles of Managing Operations and Budgets

Team Leader Bundle:

  • Principles of Leadership
  • Principles of Managing People
  • Principles of Communication and Relationship Management
  • Principles of Project Management
  • Understanding Personal Effectiveness as a Manager

Customer Services Bundle:

  • Understanding your Employer and Organisation
  • Understanding how to deliver high-quality customer service
  • Understanding Personal Effectiveness in a Customer Service Work Environment
  • Understanding Communication in a Customer Service Environment

Care Modules:

  • The role of a Healthcare Worker
  • Your Personal Development
  • Duty of Care
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Person Centred Care
  • Effective Communication
  • Privacy and Dignity
  • Fluids and Nutrition
  • Awareness of Mental Health
  • Dementia and Learning Disabilities
  • Safeguarding Adults and Children
  • Basic Life Support
  • Health and Safety
  • Handling Information
  • The causes and spread of infection
  • Principles of Infection Prevention and Control in a Healthcare setting
  • The Importance of Personal Hygiene
  • Principles of Decontamination, Cleaning and Waste Management

Clinical Health Bundles:

  • Obtain Venous Blood Samples
  • Perform Routine Electrocardiograph (ECG)
  • Physiological Measurements
  • Obtain and Test Capillary Blood Samples
  • Obtain a Client History
  • Remove Wound Closure Materials

If you are interested in enrolling, or would like to find out more, contact s.jones@dynamohealthcaretraining.co.uk or call 01736 753933.