You want to work? But can\’t right now!

You want to work, but you can\’t at the moment?

  • You might be self isolating and concerned about the ongoing Pandemic?
  • You might be a carer for a relative?
  • You might be a single parent with small children?
  • Your time might be constrained, but you have some spare time to yourself?
  • Have you thought about developing your knowledge and skills?
  • Preparing yourself for work, for when you are ready?

Dynamo Healthcare Training offers a fully funded preparation to work in healthcare course.  It is delivered via our Eskills for Healthcare Platform, with ongoing support from our Health and Social Care tutor.   Your tutor will support you to prepare for your chosen career, or begin your search. They will support your development and when you feel ready and are able they will introduce you to employers who are recruiting in your area.


Cornwall Needs You Now! Come and work in adult social care

There are many job opportunities to work in adult social care across all areas of Cornwall supporting people with varying needs. Permanent, temporary and flexible jobs are available in both direct care and supporting roles.

Proud to Care Cornwall currently has 146 healthcare job vacancies

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