Upskilling the existing workforce to meet patient needs

Demand for adult social care services has increased by more than a third in July 21, causing unprecedented demand on all adult social service care services.

The desperate need for health and social care has been revealed in a joint letter from the leaders of health and care in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, which states: \”The health and care system is experiencing an ongoing extreme surge in demand. There’s no single reason for this – it’s a complex mix of factors affecting the whole health and care system.  Currently more than 700 people are in need of care and support that is currently unavailable in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’.

While the health and social care sector is continuing to recover from the pandemic, employers must invest in the development of their workforce and enhance specialist skills.  The current workforce is exhausted, and many are leaving the sector, it is essential to demonstrate they valued and encourage them to remain.

While recruitment continues to be extremely challenging, it is essential to upskill the current workforce and develop existing employees to meet patient and employer needs.

Care providers who are struggling to recruit say issues affecting staffing include low wages, the pandemic, Brexit-related workforce changes and summer holiday leave.

There are various progression opportunities care workers can undertake to develop their skills within adult care, clinical skills and business management roles.

A list of some Adult Apprenticeships in work training programmes DHCT offer are listed below

If you are interested in developing your leadership skills please contact us on 01736 753933 or email

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