EPA Distinction for Ed!

After starting off at Dynamo as a Functional Skills tutor, Ed has completed his Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship, achieving a distinction in his EPA! This is amazing!

Ed has worked for Dynamo for nearly 5 years now and says that completing this apprenticeship has helped him to progress in his role, and improve on his leadership skills.

When Ed decided to sign up to an apprenticeship back in the first lockdown, he was looking forward to having something to commit to while he had some free time. Ed says that his assessor Debbie was ‘supportive and knowledgeable’, and was always there to help.

After completing his coursework, Ed prepared for EPA. This involved a multiple-choice test, a portfolio of work, evidence, an interview, and a professional discussion. Talking to Ed after this process, he says that the most difficult part was the professional discussion, but the other sections he felt confident in.

Ed achieved a Distinction! Everyone at Dynamo is so proud of Ed for his hard work and amazing grade. Congratulations!