World Youth Skills Day!

Today we are celebrating World Youth Skills Day!
During the Covid-19 Pandemic, UNESCO estimates that schools were either full or partially closed for more than 30 weeks between March 2020 and May 2021 in half the countries of the world. In the UK alone, schools closed for 27 weeks, with students having to adjust to remote learning, and the cancellation of exams.
Also at Dynamo, we had to adjust. Members of our team had to work remotely and mostly online to support learners, instead of going into the workplaces. This was a challenge, but we adapted and adjusted, and we were able to continue to fully support our learners despite the pandemic.
World Youth Skills Day 2021 will pay tribute to the resilience and creativity of youth through the crisis. From adapting to new systems and apps in learning, to supporting others through crisis, young people have gained skills that they will carry through to their adult life.

If you are unable to work but are looking to gain skills, or you’re unemployed and looking for work – or you’re simply looking to train and upskill in your current role – please get in touch! Our aim is to support everyone to achieve their goals. 01736 753 933