My Healthy Advantage!

In light of Mental Health Awareness week, recently Dynamo Healthcare Training have offered all our team access to a new wellbeing support service. The My Healthy Advantage app is to support us with our mental and physical health, and offers advice and information on stress, wellbeing, healthy eating, stopping smoking, drinking, and financial worries.

It also allows us access to 24/7 365-day support from counsellors and advisors on the App and it gives each member of staff (and their families) 6 sessions per issue per year, which is amazing! It is a confidential service, so anything you say to them (unless they feel you are at risk, or anyone else is at risk) they will not repeat to Dynamo.

So far, the team have enjoyed using the Mood Tracker feature, where you can log how you are feeling emotionally, physically, and financially! Five benefits of tracking your mood are:

  • Creates a space to feel your feelings.
  • Get insight into what you need to best take care of yourself.
  • Recognise patterns and triggers.
  • Helps you to communicate clearly to others.
  • Evidence for getting the support that you need.

 Why don’t you try noting down how you feel today?

If you’re in employment and looking to learn more about Mental Health and Stress Awareness, we can help you. Dynamo Healthcare Training offer a FREE short course, which teaches about different mental health conditions, stress management and workplace stress.

Contact us on 01736 753933 to learn more!