This month we are raising awareness for Sexual Assault!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is a time where we campaign to increase awareness about the causes and risk factors for sexual assault and empower individuals to take steps to prevent it in their communities.

According to the ONS Crime Survey, one in five women in England and Wales have experienced some type of sexual assault, including attempts, since the age of 16. Also, the crime survey findings show an estimated 138,000 men experienced some type of sexual assault in the past year and 646,000 have experienced some type of sexual assault since they were 16.

‘Everyone’s Invited’, which is a campaign to raise awareness of sexual violence is schools, say ‘Rape culture exists when thoughts, behaviours, & attitudes in a society or environment have the effect of normalising and trivialising sexual violence. When behaviours like ‘up skirting’ or non-consensual sharing of intimate photos are normalised, this acts as a gateway to criminal acts such as sexual assault and rape. Behaviours such as misogyny, slut shaming, victim blaming, and sexual harassment create an environment where sexual violence and abuse can exist and thrive. All behaviours, attitudes, thoughts, and experiences in this culture are interconnected.’

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