National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Hi all, I am Laura and I work as part of the central administration and e-skills development teams at Dynamo Healthcare Training Ltd.

After deciding that university was not for me, I left my degree and honestly had no idea what I was going to do. It was pretty scary to divert from the ‘plan’ I’d had in mind for the last few years.

I was working in a restaurant and looking for work/ training opportunities, when I saw that there was an apprenticeship vacancy at Dynamo. It was daunting, as I had very little administrative/ office experience or knowledge of apprenticeships, so didn’t think my application would be successful.

But they gave me a shot, and now two and a half years later, I’ve worked in recruitment, administration, events organising, e-skills creation, completed a Customer Service Level 3 Diploma and am now halfway through my Operational Management Level 5 Diploma. My apprenticeship made me believe in myself, and I’m proud of myself for going from a university drop-out, to someone who has confidence, isn’t afraid of a challenge, and is now completing a management diploma working as part of a close knit, hard-working team. Who would of thought?! I didn’t!

There are a lot of assumptions about apprenticeships, some that I used to hold, so here’s a few truths. Apprenticeships are for any age and any experience level. Apprenticeships are not always for a low/ under minimum wage. Apprenticeships are just as difficult, challenging and worthy as higher education. Apprenticeships do open doors to many progression routes, they give you experience of the real working world and show you that there are so many opportunities for you, no matter your background.

We’re currently recruiting an apprentice for our administration team – and we’re awesome! If you think you’re ready for a challenge, follow the link!

Dynamo Jobs in Hayle – February 2021 |