Dynamo Celebrates 7th Birthday During Lockdown

🥳 Dynamo Healthcare\’s 7th birthday! 🥳

The director of Dynamo Healthcare Training, Gail Irvine, started this business 7 years ago! We all appreciate Gail so much, and what a role model she is! Having started the business from her own back garden, into the business it is today! We are a small business but are growing each year, and without Gail\’s knowledge and experience, we wouldn\’t be where we are now.

Did you also celebrate your birthday during the Covid-19 lockdown?

I bet you have all found different ways of celebrating your birthday during this pandemic! The Dynamo team usually celebrated with a lunch, but this year we played bingo via Zoom! (with lots of cash prizes)

We want to do a GIVEAWAY! For your chance of winning a £10 Amazon voucher, if you celebrated your birthday in lockdown, then LIKE our post, TAG a friend, and SHARE! WINNER ANNOUNCED 1ST JULY!


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