Dynamo\’s LSA Success Story – Sophie

Have you ever wanted to know how our staff got to where they are now? Well here is a short story on Sophie\’s journey since starting the Academy in 2018!

Sophie – Apprentice LSA
Academy year: 2018/19

Quote: “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.” – Kaliea Michelle, DHCTA Curriculum Lead/ Tutor.

My time at DHCTA was fun and enjoyable, NOT LIKE MAINSTREAM COLLEGE. We had allocated breaks and time for lunch etc, but it felt different than going to college, we were a small family who helped each other with everything. I enjoyed everything about our academy year, it was the most fun I’ve ever had! We made some amazing memories and I made some unforgettable friends.
I learnt a lot about myself at the Academy and the course we did (BTEC Level 2 Health and Social Care) taught me a lot too! The units were so enjoyable and helped in everyday life including now!
When I first joined DHCTA I did not know what to expect, but I realised very fast that it was the best choice for me. The staff are amazing and make you feel like you are being listened to and taught one-to-one but you are actually in a room with other people! If you had a question, Kaliea would always go through it the best she could for everyone to make sure we understood it before we went onto the task we were meant to do.
DHCTA had benefitted me in so many ways. It taught me about self-love, self-confidence, achieving my own dream no matter what and has helped me launch my career further!
The teaching and support you get at Dynamo are one of a kind teaching., it’s not only an Academy but you know that if you had a problem then they were always there to help if needed. There are extra resources and activities like work placement and extra certificates to help you to boost your confidence and to learn more about different subjects within Health and Social Care. It felt amazing to know you had the support right behind you when going out into the world of work.
Since leaving the Academy I was taken on as an Apprentice, as a Learning Support Assistant at DHCTA and I love it! It is such a fun environment to be in and has helped me decide what I would like to try in the Education sector.
My next steps are to experiment the Primary Education sector to see what it is like to work with children of a younger age. I am interested in Business Studies and hope to achieve something in that.
It gave me good resilience and taught me to love myself for who I am and always follow your own dreams no matter what gets in the way.
I would recommend the Academy because its an enjoyable Academic year and you learn so much in just 9 months! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them, they are always around for any advice or guidance you need. If I had my own choice, I wish it lasted longer than only one year!