How has Covid-19 affected us?

In China, emissions fell 25% at the start of the year as people were instructed to stay at home, factories shuttered and coal use fell by 40% at China’s six largest power plants since the last quarter of 2019. The proportion of days with “good quality air” was up 11.4% compared with the same time last year in 337 cities across China, according to its Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

The two months of pollution reduction, Burke calculates, has probably saved the lives of 4,000 children under 5 and 73,000 adults over 70 in China. That\’s significantly more than the current global death toll from the virus itself. 

We have been seeing clearer waters and skies, could this be a massive wake-up call to us as humans?

Things that Covid-19 has taught us –

  • You should be willing to sacrifice some of your freedom for the benefit of others
  •  Wash your hands whether there\’s a virus or not
  •  Key workers are so much more important and we need to appreciate them more
  •  The importance of keeping in contact with your family and friends to help them and yourself
  •  Be content on being alone
  •  Things can be done differently – we can adapt to any situation
  •  Nature can rebound
  •  Rapid movement in air quality is possible

There is so much that this pandemic has changed for everyone, it\’s changed lives, changed peoples views, changed our ways of living. If we work together, we can make the world safe again.

And remember to SMILE, the world is not ending, it is just a phase we are passing through.