Stress Awareness Month

This month is Stress Awareness Month so we wanted to share some tips on how to cope if you are finding it hard in your day to day lives!

  • Identify and tackle your triggers! Where were you when you began to feel stressed? Could you prevent getting into that situation?
  • Be Active! Exercising release endorphins which releases huge amounts of stress!
  • Be in Control – if you think negatively you will be stressed, but there is a solution to every problem
  •  Stay in contact with people – Obviously during these tough times, we can\’t mix with each other, but a phone-call of skype call can be done! Sometimes a chat with friends and family can cure your worries.
  •  Challenge Yourself – Set goals and achievements that you can focus your mind on
  •  Avoid Un-healthy habits – Don\’t rely on smoking or alcohol to solve your problems as it\’s on temporary and the effects can make you feel worse.
  •  Try to remain positive!
  •  Drink plenty of water!!
  •  Eat good foods, your body will thank you!

See what makes you happy, and do more of it! (within government guidelines)

See below a link to the NHS website about a healthy diet –

See below a link to breathing techniques –