VR supports Healthcare in Cornwall

Dynamo Healthcare Training (DHCT) is pioneering the way in VR and new technologies supporting education, training and careers aspirations in healthcare in Cornwall. DHCT has developed various products including:

  • Healthcare skills mobile training app
    • A range of skills videos that could support healthcare workers in practice to update and upskill on the go.
  • VR Healthcare Careers Experiences
    • A series of VR Careers experiences to give people an insight into what its like to work in healthcare and dispel myths surrounding the sector.
    • We have 12 VR headsets and offer training sessions and workshops for people to gain an insight into different careers.
    • Schools/colleges and other careers advisors/organisations who have access to VR headsets can download the series to reuse with any groups of people.
  • VR healthcare skills products
    • A series of VR training tools to support Healthcare Assistants to develop and hone their skills in a safe virtual world.
    • We offer VR training sessions for groups of people
    • Employers can purchase their own VR headsets and download the training products to reuse with their staff

DHCT believes that the new and innovative technologies can help to streamline and improve productivity within a very stretched and demanding sector.

If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss other ideas please get in touch 01736 753933 or email office@dynamohealthcaretraining.co.uk