Skills for Care Edorsement

At Dynamo we are so pleased to have been awarded the Skills for Care endorsement.

The Skills for Care endorsement is the bespoke quality mark that is given to the best learning and development providers within the adult social care sector.   Skills for Care endorsement embeds the Common Inspection Framework, National Occupational Standards for Learning and Development and the Leadership Qualities Framework.

It was developed following the Cavendish Review, recommendation 5 and on the request from employers to have a site where they can easily find high quality training providers, taking away the uncertainty and need to trawl through the minefield of existing providers.

The Skills for Care endorsement is unique, to become endorsed you must be able to clearly evidence that the training delivered makes a significant difference, not only to the learner but also to the person accessing care and support.

Centre of Excellence: going above and beyond

Skills for Care developed the endorsement to recognise the best learning providers who demonstrate exemplary practice going above and beyond, constantly evolving to meet the needs of adult social care and being innovative in the delivery to ensure the needs of the learners are met.

At Dynamo we believe in:

  • Providing the highest quality teaching and learning experience for all
  • Personalised education, training and career planning
  • Robust quality provision to meet the needs of employers, schools and other stakeholders
  • Concise and thorough Information, Advice and Guidance to meet all needs




Dynamo can offer training in a range of programmes including:

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