Outstanding Teaching Here at Dynamo!

On Monday 20th of May, our amazing Academy teacher Kaliea had her annual teaching observation! For the 3rd year running, teaching the cadets each year, she was given outstanding! Kaliea has kept her outstanding title for the 3rd year whilst working with us here at Dynamo!

We are so proud to have Kaliea as part of our team, with her 7+ years of teaching experience, Kaliea used to teach students at Penwith college.

Our cadets each year love having Kaliea as their Health and Social Care teacher!

Here are some comments from this years class :

“Kaliea is an outstanding teacher as she delivers personalised learning to every student and treats everyone equally with respect and passion despite how difficult it is to teach us”

“Kaliea always cares about her students individually and is like a big mum to everyone. She’s the best teacher because she makes sure we always think positive about ourselves even if we don’t want to. We are always encouraged to get the best grades that we can and she loves us like we are family”

“Kaliea is inspiring, dynamic and thoughtful. Always keeping the students motivated and on track. I have enjoyed every class session which are always delivered with passion and dedication.”

A few words from the director Gail Irvine – ‘Fantastic result by our Academy Programme Manager, as always, her hard work and determination has paid off, well done!’