Exciting Careers at Dynamo!

Here at Dynamo we have recently recruited two new office apprentices! Neither Ellie or Laura have come from Healthcare backgrounds so it\’s a big change for them but they are both enjoying it so far!  🙂

Here are a few words from Ellie and Laura about the job so far!

Ellie – \”After finishing College I still had no idea what I wanted to do, all my friends were off to University and I was just sat at home! After seeing an advert on Indeed to work in the office with Dynamo, I didn\’t know anything about the company and I didn\’t come from a healthcare background but it sounded like an opportunity I couldn\’t miss! After coming to the interview and getting the job I am really enjoying my time here. I\’ve been going out to different events supporting Dynamo showing others what we offer and networking with other organisations! My apprenticeship work is going great and my assessor is the loveliest person ever! I am never stuck on anything as there is always people there to help me.  All the staff are really friendly and I\’m learning loads of new things, I think this is a great step forward for me and my career and thanks to Dynamo for making it happen! I would 100% recommend doing an apprenticeship – earning and learning as well as getting a qualification at the same time!\”

Laura – \”After realising that University wasn\’t for me, I found myself wondering what on earth I was going to do next. After seeing advertisements online for Apprenticeships, I thought that being able to gain further qualifications after A-Levels, whilst earning a wage would be amazing. I came across Dynamo Healthcare on Indeed, and applied immediately, as the administrative roles in Healthcare sounded like they would be a great fit, interesting and rewarding. My apprenticeship is never boring as I\’m constantly gaining new skills and there\’s a whole team here to support me – and they\’re fab! My assessor Debbie is also here to support me just for my apprenticeship so there\’s always someone to help me out when I\’m struggling with work or to give me advice. If I\’m perfectly honest, had I been given more information about apprenticeships before trying University, I would definitely choose to do an apprenticeship. You earn while you learn and start a career with companies that are dedicated to helping you progress. It\’s a win, win.\”


If you would like to know anything else about what we offer then give us a call on 01736 753933 – or email us office@dynamohealthcaretraining.co.uk