Academy Success Stories

After another successful year of achievements our 2016-17 cohort of Academy finishers are just about to complete their apprenticeships in their chosen careers for example; learning disability care, ophthalmology and domiciliary care. They are now keenly awaiting to commence their employment. Some finishers have gained employment at RCHT as health care assistants and some are progressing into access to nursing courses well done #Classof2016!

Here learners have reflected on their time at the academy and their next steps –

“I’d like to thank everyone at Dynamo Academy for helping me to follow my career path, after going to college and deciding that that was not the best option for me; I joined the academy and I was very nervous. The support that I got from my tutor has encouraged me to pursue my nurse training”. Rachel #Classof2016

“When I first started at Dynamo I didn’t know what I wanted to do as I studied sport at college when I realised that this was a hobby and I wanted a career. Being at the academy has boosted my confidence and I have really enjoyed the additional training I achieved for example manual handling and first aid”’ Savanna #Classof2016

“Dynamo has helped me improve my confidence, I was encouraged and supported to take every opportunity that came my way. I completed my work experience in a GP practice as a medical receptionist and this helped me feel less anxious especially when I was taught to electronically scan prescriptions. This has helped me to decide on my career goal which is to achieve my receptionist qualification and work my way up to a practice manager. This is going to happen quicker for me as I have spent less time in a college setting and am gaining valuable practical experience”. Kyra #Classof2017

“Before I started at Dynamo Academy I had recently finished school without the best results in my GCSE’s, I had applied to two other FE settings with no luck but the tutor at the Academy gave me the chance, improved my confidence, and encouraged me to do my very best. I am now very happy to have gained an apprenticeship in domiciliary care. I would like to give a massive thank you to everyone at Dynamo for supporting me and I shall miss being part of the family there!” Amelia #Classof2017

Our 2017 cohort attended their academy presentation evening where we celebrated their success, achievements and presented a trophy to our academy student of the year. They are all now in apprenticeships in medical reception, learning disability care, community care and employment at RCHT.

Our new cohort #classof2018 have completed their ‘Introduction to healthcare’ week where they took part in practical activities and were given a good introduction to healthcare and the potential careers available. Their programme this year includes the L2 H&SC qualification, epilepsy training, Meds training and both voluntary /work experience to give them the best possible chance at progressing into their chosen apprenticeship/employment at the end of the year.

“I am exceptionally proud of all my learners, we have celebrated outstanding success and achievement rates and we continually support our finishers whilst on their apprenticeships. We are looking forward to another new academic year and supporting young people in to becoming the health and social care professionals of the future” Kaliea Love- Programme Lead.