Cornwalls Wheels to Work Scheme, Helping to mobilise the Social Workforce

Due to an ageing population, Cornwall will need another 3000 more care workers by 2020, the South West will need 60000 more by 2030 and with 9500 care worker vacancies in the South West at any one time, services can’t keep up with demand.

Dynamo Healthcare Training Ltd supports people of all ages to commence careers in healthcare services through a variety of roles. We also support people to continually develop within their work role and enhance their career potential.

DHCT prepares unemployed people for the sector through our pre-employment programmes. We provide opportunities for unemployed people to meet local employers who are recruiting staff and match those who may be suitable. We provide increased support for those who need it with interview preparation, work skills and confidence building.

However due to the geographical landscape of Cornwall lots of employers need people who drive, and this can cause a problem for those who don’t drive and cant afford to learn.

The Cornwall’s Wheels to Work Scheme can support employers to mobilise their workforce through the hiring of mopeds. Please download the \’mobilise the social care work force through wheels to work scheme\’ for further information.

Annette Rule from Wheels to Work will meet with employers and create a package of support that can help them. Individuals can begin to work through hiring mopeds, while they save and learn to drive. DHCT can support employers with set up costs if the individuals commence the Adult Apprenticeship Training programmes to develop their skills on the job.

Please contact us for further information