Healthcare Assistant Training and Development Initiative

On the 31st May 2018, Sarah Didymus from Kernow CEPN hosted an event bringing many health professionals together, to explore new opportunities for training and workforce development within healthcare services in Cornwall.

Population levels in the South West have grown by 16% since 2002, a faster rate than seen in England over the same period.  The demographic profile is ageing at a faster rate than England, with implications for the availability of labour and delivery of health and social care. Cornwall will need another 3000 more care workers by 2020, the South West will need 60000 more by 2030, at any one time there are over 9000 vacancies in Adult Care in the South West, 50% of practice nurses and practice managers within Cornwall will be retiring over the next 5 years, the average age of a care worker is 47, the turnover rates for registered nurses is 38% and Dom Care Workers is 42.1%.

Proactive workforce planning is essential in order to meet the demands and needs of patients and services users.

The Government’s Vision for Apprenticeships 2020 explicitly supports the drive to increase productivity by helping to address the UK’s skills shortages and stimulate economic growth.

Sarah explained that from 2018 there are some new routes for employers to support staff to Get In, Get on, Go Forward! These include:

 Health Care Support Workers

Clinical Registered Health Care Professionals

As the training hub for primary care Kernow CEPN is working with local education and training providers to deliver a more efficient and organised way for practices to recruit and train their future workforce and to upskill current employees to reach their maximum potential while working within their role.

Dynamo Healthcare Training are supporting Kernow CEPN and General Practices in Cornwall to recruit and train Healthcare Care Assistants, Medical Receptionists, Administrators and Managers.

The agenda for the day included presentations from:

  • Sarah Didymus -CEPN workforce project manager: Workforce issues and solutions, role of CEPN.
  • Jane Hadfield, -HEE Apprenticeship Lead:  National Apprenticeship Scheme
  • Gail Irvine -Dynamo Healthcare Training, Healthcare Assistants or Admin apprenticeships
  • Chris White- Cornwall College,  Health Care Assistants or Admin apprenticeships
  • Sandy Knowles Program Lead:  Nursing Associate Plymouth University – NA apprenticeships
  • Jacquie Franklin –RN apprenticeship role and route
  • Jacquie Franklin  -ACP apprenticeship role and route

Kernow Health CEPN and Dynamo Healthcare will be running a cohort for level 3 Healthcare Assistants from Sept 2018.

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