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Apprenticeship Funding

The Government has made changes to funding available for training.  Only Apprenticeships can be funded and Employers are expected to pay towards some of the costs.

Large employers will pay 90% through a Levy and the Government will pay 10%, while smaller employers will pay 10% and the Government will pay 90%.

Training companies and employers have to work within the set funding bands for the different sector Apprenticeship standards and can not reduce the amount employers pay.

DHCT recognises that employers might be concerned about paying out money for training for individuals who may leave during the course or directly after completing their course.

Individuals and employers have to sign a commitment and agreement of training.  Employers can request learners pay a contribution of the cost during the course, with an understanding that once they finish the course they will be reimbursed any monies spent.  Also the learner will confirm a commitment to remain with the employer for a period of time following the completion of the course or they would reimburse the employer their fees.  Please view information about minimum wage regulations 

Apprenticeship funding and employer contribution summary
Levy Employer

Levy Employer

If you’re an employer with a pay bill over  £3 million a year, you must pay the apprenticeship levy from 6 April 2017 through your digital account, which is linked to your payroll system. This money must be used for your existing staff and new recruits to complete Adult Apprenticeships.  Your organisation pays 90% of the full training fee and the Government pays 10%.  If you run out of funds in your digital account the Government will increase payment to support continued training for your staff, as long as they are completing in work training Apprenticeships.

Non Levy Employer

Non Levy Employer

If your annual wage bill is less than £3 million per year your organisation is considered a non levy employer.  The Government will pay 90% of your training fees and you will pay 10%.

There is no other funding to train staff other than through in work Adult Apprenticeships.  The Government wants all staff in all sectors to be occupationally competent and hold English and Maths qualifications.




  • Employers are not required to pay National Insurance Contributions for apprentices under the age of 25 on earnings below the higher tax rate of £827 a week (£43,000 a year).
  • £1,000 payment to both the employer and provider when they train a 16- to 18-year-old.
  • £1,000 payment to both the employer and provider when they train a 19- to 24-year-old who has previously been in care or who has a local authority education, health and care plan.
Employer with less than 50 staff

Employer with less than 50 staff

The government will fund all of the apprenticeship training costs, up to the maximum value of the funding band for the apprenticeship, for employers employing fewer than 50 people if, the learner is aged between 16 and 18 years old or aged between 19 and 24 years old and either has an EHC plan provided by their local authority or has been in the care of their local authority.

Apprenticeship Funding bands

Apprenticeship Funding bands

The Government has set funding bands for different Apprenticeship standards for different sectors.  Training providers and Employers can not change these funding bands.  They are set.  Employers must pay towards their staff training costs.



The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is a funding stream from the Department of Health, distributed by Skills for Care. WDF makes a substantial contribution to the costs of care staff completing units and qualifications within the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).The fund enables care employers to have a continuing committment to staff learning and development by enhancing their learning and development budgets.


WDF is ditributed nationally by Skills for Care and care partnerships are eligible to bid for funds for their area. CAHSC are the care partnership for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and we are delighted to announce that we have again successfully bid for WDF monies for 2017/2018. The amount of WDF Grant we have availabe for 2017/2018 is £152k.


This fund is available to all adult social care providers in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. You must be a memeber of CAHSC (see membership) and be registered and completely up to date with your submissions for the NMDS-SC.


More information about WDF can be found on  the Skills for Care website or you are welcome to contact Dolly Mazonowicz or tel 07799 384820

At DHCT we recognise that funding can be very confusing, if you need any further information or advice please contact us now

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